Asian Chill Dining  WARMTH (ウォームス) 柏
Asian Chill Dining WARMTH (ウォームス) 柏

Access: [Kashiwa 3-minute walk from the east exit] turn right at the intersection of winding Ishido hospital exit the Kashiwa Shanshan Street, grilled chicken on the first floor, is 2F's chick of the building !!


Popular Mabu Tofu course ◆ 9 items 3 hours with all you can drink 4000 yen (tax included)

Popular Mabu Tofu course ◆ 9 items 3 hours with all you can drink 4000 yen (tax included)

By using a coupon4000 yen

tax included

You can change to premium all you can drink including draft beer at + 500 yen ♪


One example of one day

■ Specialty cool sweet potatoes of tofu

It is a cold shovel of Mizuguchi bean we ordered from Izu ♪

■ Stick fowl salad

Sesame spicy peppers are effective!

■ Pepper Menma

All you can drink is just beginning, and slowly stop chopsticks with Menma.

Stir-fried shrimp and asparagus natural salt

Fried shrimp and seasonal asparagus to salty taste ♪

■ Specialty Ishiyaki Mabo Tofu

A gem that you want to eat by everyone who visited us!

■ Fried chicken potatoes

It is perfect for dishes to cheer for the second half

■ Today's fried rice (fried noodles)

Shime is also perfect so that you can go home full of stomach!

■ Today's dessert

Finally with the rest!

Hot linen tofu is famous for WARMTH!

I'd recommend taking a change of clothes (laugh)

Cooking is an example.

Cooking changes according to the season and purchase,

Please contact us anything such as dishes or allergies you want to put in!

Dessert plate coupons can also be used together!

* Although it is also possible to book the day, please operate it as we operate a small number elite!

※ If you exceed 16 people, please contact us once!

We will respond flexibly to the number of people, budget, course contents and so on!

And on the day, please spend the best time at WARMTH!

From the chef

Coupon that can be used

  • Popular Mako Tofu course ◆ All-you-can-drink 4 items (¥ tax included) with all-you-can-drink for 3 hours!

    • Presentation conditions
      One word of coupon contents at reservation.
    • Conditions of use

      No other tickets / services can be used together / 1 pair 1 time 1 sheet / reservation required / not allowed for lunch

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of January 2018
  • 【Preorder-Only】 Surprise Director ♪ Special Dessert Plate 1000 yen (tax included)
    It is also possible to book a course ♪

    • Presentation conditions
      Please inform the coupon details / details at the time of reservation
    • Conditions of use

      For other tickets / services available / over 2 people / reservation required

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of January 2018